About us

In the heart of Maastricht, the “City of Good Taste,” you can find Siefers Opticum. A young, inspired family business with a passion for special glasses. Exclusive spectacle frames made from natural materials such as gold, wood and horn, the very best designer frames and fashion glasses from the leading fashion houses. At Siefers Opticum, you will find the eye candy from the world of optics. 

Rob Siefers studied optics, optometrics and contact lens specialism at the Christiaan Huygensschool in Rotterdam. He has been in the optician’s profession since 1978. Rob and his wife Sonja started Siefers Opticum in 2009, with the ambition of becoming the best optician in Limburg

Rob about his work: “What I really like is the intensive contact with our customers. They usually come to our store at least three times; for orientation, for eye measurement and purchase, and for the delivery of the glasses. Those are at least three contact moments, allowing you to build a genuine bond with the customers. These are nice encounters and we want people to experience them that way.” 

Sonja Siefers has studied interior design and developed a keen sense of fashion and eyewear styling. “Too many people consider their glasses as a necessary evil. While the right glasses are an ornament for the face.”

Rob and Sonja ran and sold several successful optical stores and an interior design shop in the run-up to Siefers Opticum. This ultimate dream store embodies the best of both their experience and passion. A total experience in which the best possible optical care is combined with designer frames, exclusive materials and fashion. “The name Siefers Opticum comes from Opticum Perfectum; striving for perfection… That is what we do!”

It was beyond Rob’s and Sonja’s wildest dreams that their eldest son Laurens, who was educated at the Maastricht Hotel Management School, would still be ignited by his parents’ passion at the age of 23. Yet, Laurens followed the optician’s and contact lens training with passion and ease and has been co-owner and manager of Siefers Opticum since 2017. Laurens: “The basis of hospitality remains the same; if people are happy with one of our glasses, that makes me happy myself. And I really like to receive them as welcome guests. Take their coat, make a cup of good coffee. Glasses are a product that will trouble you or give you pleasure for several years; you shouldn’t buy them just like that.”

We will never say we are the best. That is up to our customers. But that is certainly our goal!