Whether you need soft or hard contact lenses, night or daytime lenses, monthly or weekly lenses, even varifocal contact lenses; come to Siefers Opticum with your wishes. 

Our family business strives for ultimate quality and craftsmanship, values that go hand in hand with innovation and new developments. All these pillars ensure that you are assured of the best optical care with us. Not only when you are looking for glasses, but also when you want to buy contact lenses

Since 2015, we are having a partnership with This gives you the best of both worlds: online pricing and traditional craftsmanship. After checking and adjusting, we give you clear, tailor-made advice. Then we can order the contact lenses on the spot, or you can do that yourself at home, online, at an internet bargain price. You will pick up the lenses in our store and get all the guidance and advice you need.

Trying out your new contact lenses

In addition to being experts in glasses, the contact lens specialists in our store also specialize in fitting and checking your contact lenses. During a first visit, we do an extensive eye measurement and we determine which lens suits your eyes best. The contact lens specialist gives you extensive advice. You order the lenses online, in our shop or at your home, and then come and collect them from us. You will have plenty of time to try out the contact lenses under our supervision and to practice applying them.

Checking your lenses

If you are already wearing lenses, it is extremely important to have regular lens checks carried out in order to maintain your vision quality and the health of your eyes. At Siefers Opticum, you can count on professional and personalized guidance by our contact lens specialists. Your eyes and contact lenses will be checked for overall condition, strength, redness, bulging and dryness. Your lens fluid can also affect your eyes, contact lenses and wearing comfort. Everything is thoroughly checked so that you can enjoy your current or new contact lenses optimally and safely.

Feel free to make an appointment for tailor-made advice, an extensive eye measurement or contact lens check.

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