Design spectacles

Siefers Opticum has an eye for high quality. We do not want to offer our customers anything else. This standard is reflected in our collection of eyewear made of natural materials – from which we have personally visited and approved each supplier – and in our extensive but carefully composed collection of designer eyewear. These brands embody quality. They have largely or entirely dedicated themselves to developing ever better spectacle frames and have all the expertise and people on hand to achieve that mission. For example, if you choose a Lindberg, Tavat or Lunor spectacle frame, all your doubts whether you might have been happier with a different pair of spectacles will vanish in no time.

You are wearing the best of the best.

For inspiration, you will find below a brand overview of our exclusive designer eyewear for men and women. Please note: since you will never find the right eyewear without personal contact and the right expertise, you cannot order glasses on our website. You will only find a fraction of all our designer frames here. 

We cordially invite you to come and have a look at all the glasses in our store in the heart of Maastricht. We will gladly take our time for you! Perhaps we will surprise you and eventually choose a completely different brand and material than what you had in mind. In any case, we will carry out an extensive eye measurement without obligation, to our high standard. Then we can advise you directly – based on our knowledge of optometry and spectacle styling – which frames are suitable for you. And which are not.

An overview of our designer brands

Each of these top brands also presents sunglasses, with the very best sun-reflective lenses, often developed by themselves. As you may expect from us, these designer sunglasses feature in our collection. Read more about it here.