Designer sunglasses

When you wear top quality sunglasses, you will not notice that you are wearing them. Until you take them off. Pure eyewear brands such as Lindberg, Lunor and Porsche Design are developing better and better frames and – in the case of sunglasses – better lenses. Experience how impeccably clear vision will calm your eyes. Your view will not be impeded by distortions in color or shape, or annoying glare from the sun, on water or snow. For example, did you know that Tavat sunglasses have been mandatory for American pilots for years? A perfect example of how innovation and functionality can be combined with beautiful design.

Scratch-resistant, non-reflecting and UV and blue light protection; when buying sunglasses these days, you have the same choices as with regular lenses. Even with prescription sunglasses, we can now fulfill all your wishes: polaroid, mirror coatings and sunglass lenses in any color, in exactly the frame you want. No one needs to see that you are wearing prescription sunglasses anymore.

Have a look at our branded designer sunglasses here

In addition to these sunglasses with top quality frames and lenses, we also have a collection of branded sunglasses from exclusive houses such as Cazal, Cartier, Dior and Tom Ford. View all fashion brands here.

Are you looking for something really special? Then come and try on one of our sunglasses with gold, wooden or horn frames. Due to the use of natural materials, no two frames are the same.Whether you are looking for children’s sunglasses, men’s or ladies’ sunglasses; for the best and most beautiful sunglasses in Limburg, come to Siefers Opticum in Maastricht.