Exclusive spectacle frames

In the heart of Maastricht, the “City of Good Taste,” you can find Siefers Opticum. We have a passion for special glasses. For every person and every face, there are spectacle frames with an ultimate design, made of perfect materials. For decades and for days on end, we have been proving this firm conviction. If you find it important to wear spectacles that are not only of excellent quality but also have a distinguishing frame that sets you apart from everyone else, then step into our optician’s store. With us, you will find the exclusive men’s glasses, trendy children’s glasses or the fashionable women’s spectacle frame you have been looking for. Or maybe we will surprise you with the perfect spectacles you did not know existed.

In our store, you will find the eye candy of the world of optics.

At Siefers, you can choose from the widest possible range of exclusive spectacle frames. Think of designer frames from brands that excel in design and quality – such as Lunor, Porsche or Lindberg – but also of the most beautiful fashion spectacles on the catwalk from Cartier, Dior, Tom Ford, Céline and other international fashion houses. Every year, we travel to Paris and Milan to be able to present you the latest eyewear fashions of the year in our store.

A love for natural materials

In our family business, we cherish a far-reaching love for spectacles made of natural materials. Siefers offers one of the highest quality collections in the Netherlands when it comes to gold, wooden and horn spectacle frames. We have personally visited all the manufacturers of these spectacle frames and retained a select number of partners who meet our high standards of quality, design and aftercare.

Why choose a spectacle frame made of natural material?

  • Unlike synthetic (plastic) spectacles, an exclusive spectacle frame made of a natural material retains its value. In fact, natural materials acquire more character in the course of time.
  • Natural materials are very comfortable to wear because the temperature adapts to your skin. Your glasses feel warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Gold, wooden and horn-rimmed glasses are usually allergy-free.
  • These models are not subject to trends but have a high design quality, making the glasses a timeless piece of jewellery.

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