Eye measurement

When it comes to your eyes and your vision, Siefers Opticum literally moves beyond the practices of other opticians and optical chain stores. Not because we are pretentious or want to make our profession unnecessarily complex, but simply because every person looks differently. Sharp vision, viewing and wearing comfort depend on much more than just the independent sharpness of both your eyes. To many people who wear glasses, most of these factors are completely unknown. Siefers Opticum loves to open your eyes and at the same time create a new world in which your spectacles are no longer a necessary evil, but an asset to your daily life.

Optometry is much more than measuring the eyes’ strength

Together, both eyes determine your vision as such, with one eye always playing a more dominant role than the other. In addition, it is important for an optometrist to know, for example, the bulging of your eyes and the distance between your two pupils. Apart from these numerical matters, your viewing behavior is of great importance. Do you often move your head, or do you observe things from the corners of your eye? If you are of small build, you will be used to looking up, or are you towering high above most people? A sales representative will be driving a car a great deal, an IT professional will spend hours scanning computer screens at a short distance. And for patients, it is vital that surgeons do not experience an image jump when they move their gaze from the core to the edge of their lenses. By now, you will understand that optometry involves much more than merely measuring the strength of your eyes.

Our extensive eye measurement

Do I need glasses? Am I far-sighted or short-sighted? Maybe such questions are going through your head. Or maybe you need new glasses, reading glasses or prescription sunglasses. Whatever your need, you are welcome for a professional eye examination in our store in Maastricht. It is without any obligation. 

A standard eye measurement at Siefers Opticum will differ from what you are used to in more regular eyewear shops. Our eye measurement does not consist of one, not two, but four measurements, checks and scans. With us “check, check, double-check” applies!

  • For the first measurement, we use an optometric instrument called a refractor. We measure everything concerning your eyes: their strength, the bulging of the eyes, the distance between the pupil and the eye socket, and the eye pressure. Initially, we do this part of the first eye measurement per eye separately, after which the eyes are also measured together. All results combined form the first, so-called objective eye measurement. In many eyewear stores and chains, the measurement ends here.
  • The second measurement we perform with a phoropter. This device allows us to do a subjective eye measurement of your viewing experience. Again, we first measure one eye and then both eyes together. Often it turns out that glasses which in terms of strength exactly match your eye strength left and right independently, together can still provide a very uncomfortable viewing experience. Based on this measurement we can fine-tune the strength per eye to reach a comfortable viewing experience as a whole.
  • The third check is a practical test. We put test glasses with the measured strength into a pair of pass-glasses for you. When you put these on, you will experience the proposed strength. Meanwhile, we observe carefully how you are looking through the glasses. Are you tall or small, do you often turn your head or your eyes to observe things outside your front field of vision? Viewing behavior determines common viewing directions and is very important for the spectacles’ wearing comfort.
  • In the final part of the eye measurement, we make a 3D scan of your face and of the curve of your desired spectacle frame. This allows us to determine whether the frame can be properly adjusted to your face and if so, exactly in what way.

The best eye measurement by your trusted optician

Together, these measurements, observations and scans form our basis to assemble exactly the right spectacles for you with the right lenses and the right adjustments. For each measurement, the results must be interpreted by us. And this is where our many years of optometric experience and knowledge make a difference. Knowledge that we continuously broaden, deepen and update according to the latest developments.

Measured: what now?

If the spectacle frame of your choice is in stock, or if the frame you ordered has come to us, we will customize your spectacles ourselves in our open workshop. You can even take a look if you find that interesting. 

In order to achieve a perfect result, we cut the lenses ordered from the factory into your frame ourselves, seamlessly adjusted to your needs. Do you need single vision lenses for optimal vision? Within an hour, we can prepare the glasses for you thanks to our permanent stock of single vision lenses.

Getting used to new spectacles

Because of our extensive eye measurement, the chance that your new glasses do not meet your view wishes is negligible. Please remember: you always have to get used to new spectacles, especially with progressive lenses (multifocals). If, after a period of adjustment, your new glasses still feel uncomfortable, we will continue to work for you. Right until you are satisfied. This is what we call our “satisfaction guarantee.” 

In this way, we ensure that spectacles really become an asset rather than a necessary evil.