Gold spectacle frames

Apart from diamonds, no other natural material appeals so much to humans as gold. Glasses made from this rare precious metal are in a class of their own. Because of their durable character, gold spectacles at Siefers Opticum are never outspokenly trendy, but beautifully and timelessly designed.

A gold spectacle frame never loses its shine, nor its value.

In our store, we have at least twenty frames in stock, both in yellow gold and in white gold. Frames of different brands, which you can try on at will. Based on your taste and comfort, and our expertise in optometry and styling, we end up with the perfect gold spectacles that you will enjoy for decades to come. Over the years, gold spectacles become more beautiful and valuable; a smart investment for later and for you to enjoy immediately.

Our gold eyewear brands

Wonderful examples are fully handmade glasses by Vue D’or – a purely Dutch brand that combines deep respect for centuries-old goldsmith craft with the latest techniques. Frans Veurink’s designs in 14- and 18-carat gold are characterized by unmistakable class and subtle yet idiosyncratic design.

Why buy gold glasses?

  • Unlike some (non-precious) steels, gold has a high wearing comfort because it is a so-called ‘body-specific’ and allergy-free metal.
  • A gold spectacle frame is no match for any other frame, aesthetically unrivalled in style and class!
  • Gold spectacle frames are perfectly adjustable due to the softness of this precious metal.
  • Gold always retains its typical shine, recognizable from afar.
  • Gold becomes more beautiful and valuable with time.

The delivery of a custom-made pair of gold spectacles should take two months on average.

The delivery of a custom-made pair of gold spectacles should take two months on average.

Would you like to wear glasses made of natural materials but gold does not fit your personality or complexion? Then consider a horn or wooden spectacle frame.