Horn spectacle frames

Let us start with the most important thing: Siefers’ horn glasses are made from the horns of water buffalos intended for the milk and meat industry. It is a by-product and therefore completely sustainable. In the wild, this species of beef lives in India and Thailand; the color of the horn depends on the country of origin.

After the horns have been removed, they are flattened and pressed, after which rough, thin plates are sawn from them. From these plates, the spectacle frame and legs are milled into the corresponding shape. For the time being, this is only done in the manufacturers’ workshops. Siefers sells buffalo horn frames from Hoffman, Cartier and Wollenweber, known worldwide as the best and leading brands working with this material. Soon, we will also have the papers and skills to process the horn ourselves.

Why choose horn glasses?

  • Due to the material’s naturally shaped range of coloring, no two frames are the same.
  • Horn is rock hard. Authentic horn frame can do without metal reinforcement, which often protrudes in synthetic spectacles.
  • Horn is perfectly adjustable: after a single adjustment by the expert, your glasses will fit forever.
  • Buffalo horn is lighter and more durable than plastic, synthetic material.
  • Due to perspiration, plastic turns white. Eventually, horn will start to glaze or becomes tarnished, but with a simple polish this material can be restored to its original state. Grease and/or oil are best used for horn maintenance.

In our store, we always have roughly 100 horn spectacle frames in stock. If you want your own horn frame, designed for you, you should take into account delivery time of 8 to 10 weeks. 

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