Wooden spectacle frames

Warm, robust, honest in its simplicity and with a beautiful grain; wood is the material of choice to create unique spectacle frames. The collection of wooden spectacle frames at Siefers Opticum includes designs by Rolf Spectacles and Gold & Wood, among others. These brands are top specialists in selecting and processing the best wood, sustainably grown and harvested around the world. Very thin planks are sawn from the logs, which are rolled and compressed into solid sheets using a process that is unique to each brand. Next, the spectacle frames are manufactured, each one different in color and grain.

Our wooden eyewear brands

Gold & Wood is primarily known for its sleek, contemporary spectacle designs that combine high-quality woods – such as dark ebony from the African tropics, purpleheart from Brazil or reddish-brown Bubinga from Gabon and Cameroon – with contrasting materials and textures.

Rolf Spectacles’ wooden spectacles are not distinguished by color or prints, but by their innovative design that is completely created around the properties of wood. It makes the spectacle frames admirably simple and stylish. Multiple layers of plywood are pressed in a vacuum but also pulled around. The result is a frame from which the legs and veins flow uninterrupted, as it were. Some of Rolf’s designs are made from 100% wood, without even a single iron part. Indeed, even the hinges are made of wood, which, according to a patent, is made of a rare type of wood that can withstand great forces. Also unique are the Rolf spectacles, which, with the exception of the legs, consist of a single piece. The glasses are inserted with nylon thread using an almost invisible technique.

Do you fancy a wooden spectacle frame?

Come and take a closer look at our wooden spectacle frames: their apparent simplicity and intelligent design will amaze you. Our optician’s store has more than fifty different wooden models in stock.Since wood is very hard and difficult to bend, these frames are slightly less easy to adjust to your face. In addition, many models lack adjustable nose pads, and the legs are not adjustable in height. Is your face not very symmetrical or does the height of the ears differ, we recommend you choose an exclusive horn or gold frame that we can adjust perfectly to your face. For all these frames, the craftsmanship of the specialists at Siefers Opticum is necessary to manufacture your perfect spectacles.