Cazal glasses are instantly recognizable by the special mask style. From a distance, it is immediately clear that you are wearing real Cazal glasses, even without displaying the recognizable logo. The special concept of the two L-shaped legs has been a great success. Both the timeless glasses and vintage sunglasses from Cazal are must-haves for people who want to radiate striking class. Like many customers of Siefers Opticum. Are you also curious about Cazal sunglasses? Then come and visit our store!

Who is wearing Cazal glasses?

Although Cazal glasses have a vintage look, they are made for modern life. This is noticeable in the ever-growing popularity of both the original and the new color versions. This proves that Cazal is a timeless brand. A special feature is that both men and women can wear the same models. Cazal glasses have a masculine style, but thanks to the different foot and color versions, they are also made for women.

Have a look at our Cazal glasses

No matter how attractive the pictures of Cazal glasses may appear, there is no substitute for real seeing. Please come and visit a store where you can view and compare them in peace and quiet. After all, you are making an important purchase, so you are looking for expert consultation. This you can find nowhere better than in a family business with thoroughgoing quality, personalized care, inspiring collections, modern style knowledge and eye care expertise. You can find it all at Siefers Opticum in Maastricht.

Your type of Cazal glasses

Cazal eyewear comes in many dozens of different designs, colors, shades and quality materials. The best known vintage collections are even rare and nothing less than collector’s items. This versatility means that there are Cazal glasses especially for you. We are happy to show them to you. We can also advise you on what shades of color suit you (warmer or cooler) and what shapes suit your face and hairstyle best. Siefers Opticum is there for you, so come and see us!

Tailor-made Cazal glasses

Cazal glasses are an investment that deserves a perfect result. For this, rely on the specialist eye care of Siefers Opticum, where you get a thorough eye measurement and spectacle lenses that are perfectly tailored to your needs, quickly and inexpensively from our own stock. In this way, you will not only cut a good figure, but you will enjoy every moment of trouble-free vision. Siefers Opticum still believes in this balance between form and function.