Our eyewear brands

When our business in Maastricht was no more than a plan, we already had a wish list of exclusive eyewear brands we wanted to sell. The gems in our optics world. These companies make high demands on sellers’ competence; only the best opticians are allowed to include these eyewear brands in their collection. By now, we are proud to announce that we sell almost every brand on our wish list and that we are well into the process with the latest names.

Branded spectacles made of gold, wood and horn

Our fondness for glasses made of natural materials has led us to build a collection of exclusive branded spectacles made of gold, wood and horn that makes us happy. The wonderful thing about natural materials is that every frame is unique; no horn, tree or nugget of gold is the same. Suppliers such as Vue D’or, Gold & Wood, Rolf Spectacles and Wollenweber use the highest possible quality standards for their materials, workmanship and design. We have visited the workshops of these craftsmen and offer you these spectacle frames in absolute confidence that you will enjoy your new spectacles for years to come. After all, the advantage of gold, horn and wood is that years of use make these spectacle frames come alive. Your glasses retain their beauty and value.

Read more about our gold, wooden and horn spectacle frames here.

Designer brands

When you buy something as important as glasses, you do not want to compromise. Taking pleasure with less than the best is wasted on you. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then read more about our designer frames here.

Our collections are worth a visit to Maastricht

Fashion brands

Stylish and trendy; that is how you like to dress. Your glasses are no exception. Fashion spectacles enable you to make a statement in your face, the part of your body that demands the most attention. Every day, Siefers Opticum is committed to making the most beautiful selection from the latest eyewear fashion. Every year, we travel to fashion cities such as Milan and Paris to see which spectacle frames leading fashion houses will present on their catwalk for the coming season. Check out an overview of our fashion brands here.