Which pair of glasses suits me? Several times a day, we answer that question. Spectacle styling is a separate division within our profession in which the styling specialists at Siefers Opticum are very proficient.

Your glasses are not a necessary evil but an ornament for your face

We can tell you exactly which spectacle color matches your grey or blonde hair. Or what spectacle frame suits a round or oval face. With certain facial features, tinted glasses in a specific color can look very beautiful. They can also reduce certain facial distortions due to the strength of your lenses. Our experience and expertise in lens styling ensure that your new spectacles will not feel like a necessary evil, but like a precious ornament for your face.

Depending on the necessary strength, we will advise you on the right shape and color of your spectacle frame and the best lenses for your vision and face. For example, a higher plus or minus strength may have consequences for the appearance of your glasses. Look at telling pictures here 

Our expert advisors have all the knowledge to guide you through the selection of the right frame and lenses. In this way, we achieve a wonderful end result together. 

After all, spectacles should not only enhance your viewing experience, they should also be an asset to your face. There should always be a good balance between functionality and aesthetics!

Style, make-up and hairstyling advice

Siefers Opticum greatly enjoys collaborating with a select number of high-quality shops in Maastricht, including Shoebaloo (design shoes), Antoine Coiffeur Createur (hair) and Mayfair (fashion & design). Together with these fellow entrepreneurs, we keep a close eye on the latest fashion and spectacle trends on the catwalks. We regularly visit these businesses, tune our eyewear collection to the most beautiful fashion, creations and shoes and exchange knowledge. And thanks to this knowledge, we can give you personalized, professional styling advice on make-up and hair in combination with the latest fashion, specifically tailored to your face, style and spectacles.