Your sunglasses are more than a mere accessory. Whether in the car, on snowy slopes or in a sidewalk café, good sunglasses protect your eyes from UV light and provide clear vision in special conditions. And, of course, beautiful sunglasses are a perfect match for your taste, personality and face.

Today, all sunglass lenses offer the same choices as regular lenses, such as non-reflecting, scratch-resistant, UV and blue light protection. Do you wear prescription sunglasses? Then, too, anything is possible nowadays: polaroid (polarizing) against glare from the sun or on water surfaces, but also mirror coatings and lenses in all colors. For a long time now, prescription sunglasses have been indistinguishable from regular brand sunglasses.

Top fashion or top lenses

At Siefers Opticum, you will find the most exclusive collection of brand sunglasses in Limburg. Do you see yourself strolling along the boulevards or the beaches this summer with the latest Cartier or Céline sunglasses? Or are you looking for Persil, Tavat or Serengeti sunglasses with the best quality lenses, leaving you unimpeded by the glare of snow on the ski runs? Start your search for fashionable women’s sunglasses, cool men’s sunglasses or the cutest children’s sunglasses at Siefers Opticum. Our collection is guaranteed to get you warm. Did you know that you can also get gold, horn and even wooden sunglasses?

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